Rosemary, also known as ‘Anthos’ (means a flower) offers an aroma to beautify the garden. It is also used as a perennial herb for adding flavors to the food and is a remote mystifying plant which also means ‘Dew of the sea.’

It originates from the Mediterranean region and is grown both indoors as well as outdoors. Also known as ‘Rosmarinus Officinalis,’ the powder is brought to use while cooking fish, chicken, etc. The leaves are mixed in soup, vegetable recipes and different types of sauces. Therefore, planting it in a small area of the house is the best option. Harvesting of rosemary is easy though requires ample attention to get indefinite herbs. The inappropriate picking may risk the plant’s life.

What To Consider Before Harvesting?

Before plantation, acknowledge the exact condition as a slight mistake can make it weak and cause death:

  • Monitor the temperature; If its winters or you live in cold temperatures, rosemary must be grown in a pot.  However, if the heat is moderate or high, it can easily sustain in the garden or the pot
  • Plants growing indoors are healthier than those produced in a nursery
  • Seep the seeds deep in the soil. Watering three times a week maintains the moisture content and ensure they get 4-5 hours of direct sunlight daily. Once it reaches half inches in length, you can take it out of the pot and replace it in the garden.
  • Rosemary requires soil which can quickly drain. Mix organic compost in the dense soil to allow the flow of air which is vital for its growth.
  • Use a towel for digging the soil without damaging the roots when you want to grow it in the pot. It will provide more air to the earth.
  • Always choose 12 inches high and wide pot. It is the right size for any cup as it provides proper spacing for the plants’ growth.
  • They dislike wet soil, therefore, avoid using any container which doesn’t have holes to allow proper drainage.
  • Apply an efficient fertilizer for getting a flavor in the herb. You can also use a water-soluble fertilizer several times on the grass.
  • Those in containers need small quantities of the fertilizer as it would take long hours to neutralize if the soil remains protected from the erosion. However, the land in the garden is sensitive to snow, heat and the rains.

Note: Make sure to plant it before the six weeks of the expected snowing.

The Vinegar Made From Rosemary

  • Choose 4 to 5 rosemary sprigs along with one tablespoon of garlic and apple cider vinegar
  • Use some a little amount of apple cider vinegar and allow the herbs to take proper space
  • Set all the fresh rosemary sprigs in a bottle along with the garlic
  • Full the container to the top while sealing it closely
  • Keep this bottle on a window where the rays of the sun can reach easily and mix well in between days
  • The mixture can be brought to use as salad dressings and in a variety of dishes

Rinse Hair With Rosemary

It also removes dandruff and oil due to its antibacterial properties. Have a look to some of the ways to rinse hair from the rosemary:

  • Boil some water
  • Add borax in it, one tablespoon
  • Dried and fresh rosemary, one tablespoon
  • Mix it well till the borax settles down well in 2 minutes
  • Cool down the mixture
  • Use the strained water to rinse the hair which will keep them fresh at least for a month

 What To Consider While Harvesting?

  • Trim it regularly or weekly so that it can grow well if you want to use it daily.
  • If you want to use it for herbs, select the time when it contains the excess flavor and the oil which mostly occurs during the blooming
  • Trim the branch to 8 inches before the harvesting. After the trimming cut the sprigs to at least 20%  with the clean knife to remove the additional growth
  • The remaining 80 % will provide an efficient time to grow the herbs.
  • Tie the branches which are equal in size altogether and hang them till they become dry.
  • Separate the leaves which are like a needle in shape from the branches and store them in the container where the air can’t enter. You can use these herbs in the recipes now.
  • Freezing the herbs is the second best option to preserve them. Separate and freeze the needles in an ice-tray after harvesting. Place them in a plastic bag once they freeze.
  • Stews, sauces, and soups also contain the herbs of rosemary. Garnishing can also be done by using the flowers.

Benefits Of Rosemary

  • One can portray a photo of these beautiful flowers on a white surface to increase the beauty of the room
  • Helps to cure several health issues. Moreover, the white, pink, purple or blue color flowers attract many
  • It also consists of various anti-inflammatory compounds and other antioxidants which increases the flow of blood and improves immunity
  • The antioxidants present in rosemary also neutralizes free radicals (hazardous substances)
  • It promotes the digestive tract
  • Helps in treating lousy stomach in Europe. However, there is no scientific proof to it, but the Commission E of Germany supports the statement
  • Rosemary improves concentration while increasing the brain power
  • Helps prevent cancer
  • Macular Degeneration (Eye problem especially in the U.S) can easily be cured
  • Its smell can speed up the activities of the brain and is healthy for all
  • Protects from neurological defects, if any
  • Contains carbonic acid which sharpens the memory as well as improves the functioning of the brain
  • It might protect one from the stroke according to a study done on rats
  • It may also act as an anti-tumor agent as per the studies
  • Helps in curing the Alzheimer’s disease, but the proofs are still missing
  • According to the reports the extract of rosemary known as (RO) Crude Ethanolic Rosemary restricts the dispersion of the carcinoma cells of the breasts and leukemia
  • The extract, when added to the beef, can stop the development of harmful cancerous cell
  • Carbonic acid is found in rosemary which is healthy for your eyes. Dr.Stuart A. Tipton and other colleagues at the research institute studied this effect of rosemary


The small dosages of rosemary do not cause any problem, but the larger ones can cultivate severe health issues which are often uncommon like:

  • Coma
  • Vomiting
  • Spasms
  • Lungs filled with fluid (Pulmonary Edema)
  • Miscarriage due to the high dosages

Drug Interactions With Rosemary

There are some medicines which can interact with rosemary like:

ACE Inhibitors: Includes Zestril, Capoten, Monopril, and Vasotec which reduces BP

Anticoagulant Drugs: Such as Aspirin, Clopidogrel, and Warfarin deals in thinning the blood

Lithium: It can toxicate the body and also treats the mild depression

Diuretics: Includes Lasix and Hydrochlorothiazide which provides easy passage for the urine

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